We strive to make our assessments thorough, quick and efficient as  we gather necessary information about the individual and behavior(s) of  concern to identify environmental factors that may contribute to the  behavior. A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) includes observing the  individual in relevant settings; interviewing the individual, family  members, friends and caregivers; reviewing records; completing behavior  questionnaires and checklists; and considering various treatment  strategies. 

During the assessment, we will identify  antecedents or triggers for the targeted behavior and determine why it’s  being used. Causes can include seeking attention and trying to escape a  situation. After the assessment is completed, we will conduct a  personalized evaluation and discuss specific potential treatment  strategies with the individual and their support team through an open  and honest conversation. Clients can expect to be trained on how to  implement the treatment strategies and move forward with the plan.