Clear creek behavior services, llc



At Clear Creek Behavior Services, LLC, we believe in bridging the gap  between the science of behavior analysis and the reality of people’s  lives. We use scientifically proven methods to support individuals with  intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), but we also  understand that people don’t live in a bubble. Human behavior is  challenging because it’s exactly that – human behavior. We believe that  we are unique in offering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services while recognizing that each  person and each family is different and needs unique attention to create  the behavior changes they desire.  No matter the  behavioral challenges an individual and their support systems face, we  are here for them. This can include addressing aggressive behaviors,  building learning/academic behaviors, addressing sleeping, eating or  toileting.  We specialize in helping individuals diagnosed with an IDD such as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or Down syndrome.  That means that we work with clients through a range of behavioral needs, but also that we work with individuals of all ages.  So  often, individuals get early intervention and behavioral guidance  throughout their school-age years, but are left without professional  support as adults. Our Behavior Analysts at CCBS know that learning is  ongoing. Our successful work with adults includes teaching a 20-year-old  to read and a 28-year-old to go to the bathroom on their own, both  major milestones in an individual gaining independence, no matter their  age. Our clients benefit from our flexibility,  open-mindedness and ability to partner with them to meet their goals,  respecting the expertise that they have regarding their family and the  individual. That’s why we offer a variety of services to best serve you  and the individuals you support.