Pamela Martien-Koch, M.Ed, BCBA



Pamela Martien-Koch is founder and executive director of Clear Creek  Behavior Services. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), she  specializes in helping individuals of all ages diagnosed with autism  spectrum disorders (ASDs), Down syndrome, and Fragile X syndrome,  however, she works with anyone who needs help overcoming behavioral  challenges. She is also passionate about applying behavioral principles  to organizational management such as observing and analyzing staff  performance.   Martien-Koch has worked in the behavioral  health care industry since 1999 and holds a master’s degree in Early  Childhood Special Education/Autism and Developmental Disabilities. She  earned her certification to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst  (BCBA) in 2004 and founded CCBS 12 years later, with the goal of serving  the greater Denver and Boulder areas and beyond with flexible,  personalized plans that support the individuals who need them the most. 

Martien-Koch  is passionate about helping individuals in times of critical need and  creating positive change with them. She believes it’s imperative that  she is honest, willing to listen to you, and humble, trusting her  training and expertise as well as yours. She values the relationships  she builds with clients and their support systems, and how they  collaborate to create lasting changes to benefit everyone involved.

"To witness change within families, caregiver structures, with other professionals, and within myself that encourages a better quality of life for everyone involved. That is what inspires my work as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst."